Sacristan training

May 18

Nick and I are slowly getting used to being the Church Sacristans, and today took the big step of training a Duty Sacristan. It went well, and she had a lovely calm-ness about the way she performed the duties. A previous Sacristan was saying that one of the joys of the job is training someone on the Monday, then sitting back and watching them grow and blossom in the role. I continue to be so thrilled to have been asked to do this. Tomorrow is our first Eucharist practice/rehearsal so I hope it goes well.

This evening my room neighbour’s brother died. I feel so terribly sorry for her. I was so moved by her raw emotion that it made me cry. It worries me that I can’t hold my emotion in when things like that happen, but at least it shows that I really feel it. However, it just didn’t feel appropriate this evening and yet I couldn’t stop it. Poor poor her, she is going to have a hard night. And then a hard few weeks because she can’t get to the funeral as it is in the States. I am hoping to be able to put together a little service during the time when the funeral is happening, and we could hold it here in his honour.

I have spent this evening working on a sermon for Pentecost this Sunday.

Then I went to Compline in Chapel which was very soothing.


  1. rosanna mahmood /

    when she feels stronger I suggest you ask her if your crying was appropriate. Honestly ask her to be truthful with you as you need to know for future change of character which may be God given.


  2. Yes. I will try to do that. But it won’t feel easy! Thanks for the advice though!

  3. rosanna mahmood /

    umm reading my comment back im not sure it came through that I mean your natural affliation with those who are sad and your affection and response may be God given and helpful thus God given and you don’t want to change that if it enables others to reognise that it is ok to be sad. etc. etc. etc!

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